How to fake your location ios?

By | July 26, 2020

we’re going to take a look at how you can create a fake GPS,location on your iPhone running up to,iOS 13 so what you going to do I’m,creating a fake GPS location is we’re,going to need to connect to a computer,so in this video I’m going to show you,how you can do it on a Windows computer,and there are many scenarios why you may,want to create a fake GPS location for,example you might need to temporarily,use an app that don’t pimp on your,current locations now let’s first,connect your phone to the computer with,the USB cable I’m going to connect the,lightning cable to the computer now on,your computer you need to download an,application or software called tree u2’s,it’s free and after you install it open,it so you can download from here www dot,three you come and you can download this,tools here and once you have connected,to your mobile phone make sure yet you,allow trusts on your phone it will ask,you to it to trust the computer make,sure you tap on a trust button once it,is connected it should shows your device,information in here if you click on our,device it will shows the device,information in here now what you would,you do is click on these two box right,here so click on that two box right,there then once you are on the toolbox,tab click on virtual locations so click,on it and then now you need to put in,the lung tissue and the latitude after,locations you can also open the browser,to inquire meaning um you will browse,will open with the maps and once the,google maps is open you can grab the,locations or you can also use not,embedded maps with the we lot embedded,maps within the software right here now,on the map here I’m just going to choose,the random locations and down the bottom,of the screen there is a location that I,can copy so just copy the location when,you click on the locations at the bottom,of the screen and will pops up with,locations and you can grab that,information,so here you can see on the swing right,here there is a location just grab that,locations right there the numbers the,longitude and latitude okay I sell we’ve,got number handy I’m just going to copy,it in copy and paste I’m just going to,copy and paste is no mean then paste and,then kiss click on modify virtual,locations and that information is now,sent the phone they said unlock the,swing I’m going to unlock the first and,then click on we try a nice modifying a,location on the device I sort of spoof,the locations onto the iPhone so on my,iPhone I’m going to go and open up the,maps and I’m going to tap on the current,locations and you can see a pinpoints,right there where I selected on the maps,over here so it will show me the,location where I points on the maps,right here and that’s it so that’s all,you have to do now whenever you use a,map you will always use the locations so,let’s say I’m going to open up Facebook,if I can find Facebook and here these,Facebook right here and I’m going to tap,on the chicken button so just turn off a,few things and I want to do is tap on,the Facebook chicken locations okay so,here when I check in on Facebook you,also uses my location to spoof location,or the fake location is on the phone so,that’s how you can do it once you’re,finished you can tap I’ll click on,computer click on restore two locations,and why it does he is simply just going,to reboot the device if you unplug the,cables,it still works fine they still using,that same location that you have set on,the computer and when you restart your,phone so you can we start by pressing on,the side button and the phone will,restart once the phone we start then,they will use your real locations you,know or your two locations,on the device and that’s it that’s how,you can create a fake locations on your,iPhone sometime you need it so you can,do for example do demonstration or you,just want to add a different location to,the pictures that you’re taking that’s

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